Client Brief:
Design a baby monitor that is desireable both for the baby and its mother. Take into consideration their individual needs and what makes things desireable to them.

Design Solution:
With the added abstract of "desire" as a part of this project, I looked first to the needs of the mother. She would obviously want protection for her baby, but more than that, she desires connection at a glance. This influenced the way the baby monitor looked and functioned by adding the "on-the-go" unit. A separate two way speaker that allowed for mobility around the house while still keeping the baby close at hand.

The design of the product is in the shape of an umbrella that envolopes the baby within its protective embrace. This is not only comforting for the parents but also for the child. The toys on the mobile provide much needed distraction after a long nap. The added benefit to the design integration with a mobile was that the camera would have an ideal vantage point to see the baby without fear of obstruction or getting knocked over.

The final design language came about by studying Philips' design language. By following their existing designs, the final product came together almost on its own, I simply guided it to its conclusion.

The final product is a cohesive system that meets the needs of mother and child while adhering to Philips' Avent brand guidelines.